Principal’s Message

Principal's Message...

Dear friends,


Rev Suresh Bishan Singh Principal

Greetings to you all in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

I take great pleasure in conversing with you through these lines & count it my joy to share with you Gods goodness and favor all through the years, since the time Doon Bible College was founded way back in the year 1943,with a vision to reach out people who are lost in this world without Christ.

God has kept this institution still alive under His grace and care in carrying out the initial vision of the founder by preparing the students through training for grass root level work and Doon Bible College is determined to provide the best theological educational environment and resources to increase the hunger & appetitive in the student’s life for our master’s service.

What a joy that we are entering into Platinum Jubilee of Doon Bible College in 2018. This institution has witnessed lots of challenges, ups & downs over the long period of time yet above all Gods sovereign hand has always proved His faithfulness.

We all know that at times we face various circumstances and it becomes hard to live as obstacles are seen in each step of our Christian walk. What is the outcome, how should one behave?

Friends isn’t it true that we all go through challenges in our day to day life and I have also gone through many in my past 34 years of journey in Doon Bible College as student/warden /teacher/Principal but more than challenges I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in Doon Bible college and reach out through you all, to the people in darkness.

Remember often we are brought together by some sort of stressful situation but I consider it’s a privilege that allows me & you to be part of a solution every time along with other God fearing people working as team and its only through the help and guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Often it is hard to balance priorities for all of us with the pressures of our work every day yet I am thankful to be part of DBC community where these challenges are met with strong faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ who was with us through it all.

I would like to use this occasion to offer my sincere and special thanks to the board of management/Alumni’s and other friends for their guidance and regular prayers. I am thankful for those who invested through their labor, finances, prayer and partnership even to those who have worked prior to me with me in shaping Doon Bible College.

I have met many of you in my recent visits and also through correspondence it has given me immense joy to see how you have been working for the extension of our Lord’s kingdom. I am sure a great reward is waiting for us all where the Lord would say

“well done my good and faithful servant ……………. share in the joy of your master” (Mat.25:21)

May the Lord Bless you