Doon Bible College was founded in 1943 by Rev. Harry Victor Liddle. Since then, the college is offering dedicated young men and women a Christian Education which is Christ Centered and Bible based. It is a registered Institution for training Christian workers. Its purpose is to serve the Pentecostal Revival in India. The Doon Bible College is purely an indigenous institution, governed by Board of Management, from different churches and missionary societies in India which co-operate with the DBC.

As so often in the Lord’s work, the Doon Bible College is the result of a vision. While he was still a young minister, Pastor Harry Liddle had a vision to train young men for preaching the Gospel in India. While Ministering in Delhi, Harry Liddle had a burden for the need of good workers in the Lord’s vineyard. In Dec. 1943 he invited young men, who had a calling for the Lord’s work, to Agra for a Bible Course. 14 men gathered for the Bible Studies.

In 1945, Harry Victor Liddle and his wife Irene Liddle, who were just married & moved from Agra to settled down in Dehradun. They rented a house and invited young men with a calling for the ministry for a two-year training course. Initially the college was named as Maranatha Bible School. In August 1953 the name Maranatha Bible School was changed to Doon Bible College. The College trained many pastors since then.

The year 1961 was a very sad and difficult year because both Harry Liddle and Martin Luther went to be with the Lord. After a brief illness Rev. Harry Victor Liddle passed away to his heavenly Home. The Work did not stop. The Lord blessed the College and various men were used by God in the work of the college. The College continued to be a blessing to thousands of young men and women who had zeal to serve the Lord.

DBC which started in the year 1943 continued its legacy till now. God has been faithful in every situation. College was able to train pastors throughout India. The Alumni of DBC are in various leadership positions in India & abroad. Presently DBC has almost 70 students and offers various courses. It is presently run under the able leadership of Rev. Suresh Bishan Singh who holds the responsibility of the principal.
DBC offers following Courses:
1. Bachelors in Theology (3 Years, English Medium. ATA accredited).
2. Diploma in Theology. (2 Years, English Medium)
3. Certificate in Theology. (1Year, English Medium)
4. Certificate in Christian Ministry (1 Year, Hindi Medium)

The teaching is based on a firm belief that the Bible is the absolute Word of God and that therein is revealed the way to salvation for all mankind. The teaching is given with only one aim: to prepare young men of India to bring glad tidings to their own countrymen all over this great Land.

Over the years many good and spirit-filled men have taught in the DBC. Some of them have labored for many years, others for shorter periods, but all of them have in their own way contributed to the growth and progress of the students. A recent survey indicated that about 83% of the graduates are in full time ministry. God has been faithful to our graduates and they are serving the Lord in various capacities at various places.