Board of Management

Doon Bible College is purely an indigenous institution registered as an educational and charitable society and governed by Board of Management. Christian leaders from different churches and theological Intuitions from India are the governing members. The current members of the DBC’s Board of management are listed below-

Rev. Vijayesh Lal (Chairman)
Rev. Vidush Bhandari (Principal/ Secretary)
Mr. Daniel Prakash (Treasurer)
Rev. Rajan Baby (Member)
Rev. Pradeep Emmanuel (Member)
Mr. Vinay Mangalwadi (Member)
Mrs. Elizabeth Tamang (Member)
Rev. Lazarus Cornelius (Member)
Rev. Daniel Masih (Member)
Rev. Surjit Digal (Member)
Rev. Prakash Pathi (Member)
Mrs. Joyce Irwin (Member)