The DBC community grows not just through academics but also by fellowship. Students and faculty gather for regular chapel meetings on a daily basis. These meetings are times for vibrant worship, preaching &teaching by faculty members, guest speakers’ chapel sessions serve as time of refreshing and refilling for students. Additionally, the chapel sessions are also training grounds for future ministerial work the students would have to undertake. This is done through instruction and modeling beyond the classroom by faculty and guest speakers, and by students themselves using the skills they acquire during their stay at DBC.


Doon Bible College hostel offers separate accommodation for men and women, limited number of accommodations for couples who are enrolled together. The rooms range from two to three person occupancy and come with beds and beddings (for winter and summer) for all occupants. Hostel occupants are also provided with warm water in the winters through solar heaters. As part of the hostel life students enjoy fellowship with each other along with community Life in the hostel has led to many students forming life bonds that last beyond the years spent in DBC.

Student Council

The student council at DBC is an opportunity for the students to be included in the day to day running of the institution. It also serves as a point of contact between the larger student body and the administration of the college. This allows the students serving on the council to grow as servant leaders and learn valuable skills along with their academic learning. Having student representative creates a sense of ownership among the students for the ministry of DBC. This has led to numerous partnerships in the past even beyond the period of studies at DBC. 


Studying at a seminary, away from family and familiar settings can be challenging. During the duration of their stay at DBC most students go through the ups and downs of life. DBC seeks to stand by its students through all circumstances and does not limit its care only to the academic and physical well-being of its students. For this purpose, the college offers counseling to its students through experienced counselors and pastors. Through this the college intends to help its students emerge stronger through all experiences during their stay at DBC.

Competitions and Achievements

DBC believes in the holistic education of its students and of the unity of the body of Christ. With this thought students and staff regularly interact with other neighboring seminaries in inter-seminary competitions and events. Additionally, DBC also organizes regular intramural events that promote good health and the growth of the DBC community.

Pastoral Care Groups

Doon Bible College believes in the education beyond the classroom. With this philosophy the college organizes students in Pastoral Care Groups (PCGs). Each PCG is led by a faculty member and it provides a space for discipling and closer community building. PCGs meet regularly on a weekly basis for time of sharing and meditating on the word together and also meet once a month for activities and sharing a meal. PCG allow students to form a closer community that cares and encourages each other through their stay in DBC and also fosters relationships with faculty and fellow students for the future. Students and faculty grow together by sharing and doing life together.

Outreach Ministries

The model of holistic education at DBC takes the learning beyond the classroom in a number of ways. One of the key elements of this is the outreach ministries. These regular ministry opportunities allow the students to put into practice what they learn in the classroom. They also expose students to different facets and modes of ministry. This helps broaden their thinking and approach to ministry for the future. Keeping the view the importance of outreach ministries, every student is assigned to Church/organization/Institution in which he/she needs to involve in weekend ministry. The students are also required to be involved in summer ministries. Weekend and summer, these ministries are evaluated and graded.